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100 days of touchdesigner

 2021.01.12 - 2021.04.21

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100 Days of TouchDesigner is a challenge to learn and create sketches using TouchDesigner for 100 consecutive days. 

Throughout 100 days, I have to follow my self-made curriculum to archive TouchDesigner skills. A specific theme will be weekly assigned for me as a prompt to exercise my creativity.  Each day, I have to finish one sketch and post it on my Instagram account. 

After finishing the challenge, I did not only learn new skills but also learned about myself. The real challenge for me to finish the project are dealing with procrastination, accepting imposter syndrome, overcoming imperfection, and much more. The result is not the outcome but the process.

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 WEEK 3 : 2D Animation |  

 WEEK 4 : 2D Animation ||  

 WEEK 5 : Typography 

 WEEK 6 : Leap Motion 

 WEEK 7 : Data Visualization 

 WEEK 8 : GLSL I