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MY NAME IS . . . . . .

NAME Atchareeya

Atchareeya is a creative technologist and multidisciplinary artist based in Bangkok. She co-founded Studio Thalamus, a multimedia and interactive design studio, in 2023. While still a young studio, they were honored to have their installation "Breathtaking" selected and granted support at the prestigious Bangkok Design Week 2024.


Atchareeya's work explores the intersection of creative technology, art installation, and experience design. She aims to create thought-provoking works that forge human connections in a physical space by using technology in playful yet meaningful ways. 


With a combination of expertise in multimedia technology and communication design abilities, Atchareeya bluntly merges computational media and artistic storytelling to produce experimental sculptures and interactions that boldly address cultural and social issues. She hopes her work can spark important dialogues and shift perspectives in the audience’s mind.

IG : @atchareeya_j

email :     |

tel : +66 85 0874680

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