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Are you far away from home?

As a foreigner being in New York, we have been away from home and having a long-distance relationship with the people we love. Our hometown is 12 hours apart from here which means when the sun sets there, the sun here just rises. We miss waking up and experiencing the same sunrise with our family. Apart from countless video calls, we would like to find a new way to fulfill the gap between space and time. Along the lonely night in this, knowing at least how high the sun is rising above our beloved ones at home empowers us with warmth and energy to get through another night.


Hometown Sun is an interactive light clock resembling the sun position of your home country. On the top-half of the piece, the light illustrates the position of the sun from your home. On the other half, the light shows the position of the sun or the moon from the current location of the piece. To interact with the piece, you can input your home country via a web-based application.

Let’s take a moment gazing at our hometown sun together.


2021     Illumination NYC, New York,

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