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Assignment 1 : Light Sculpture

This week I paired up with Nick to create a prototype for our light sculpture. Our idea was developed from our group work during the last spring semester in Playful Communication and Serious Research class. The topic of the piece is fluid dynamics simulation.


The light sculpture examines fluid dynamics. Our goal is to demonstrate the fluid dynamics that surround us and the ways in which fluid dynamics affect our environment.

When the user’s hand appears on top of the middle of the sculpture, a colorful ripple light effect occurs. By connecting the patterns in the air with water, we strive to make the invisible visible.

Video Demonstration

Coding Part


- Photoresistor

- Arduino Uno


Light Animation Testing

Fabrication Part

We decided to use a biscuit container as our enclosure. First, I attached the light with a foam board and put it underneath the lid. All the other parts are inside the container in order to make it portable.

For the photocells, I drilled a little hole in the center of the lid to stick the photocell.


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