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Assignment 2 : Strawberry Fields Forever

Story Board

In this assignment , I collaborated with Tina Rungsawang. It was a pleasure working with Tina in this project. We both have a similar style and interest. I feel like we are dream team working together. We chose to create a music video based on The Beatles' song , Strawberry fields forever. Our story line was about one girl who live in a strange town where everybody in town is barbaric people trying to do bad thing with others. But suddenly, when this girl put on her strawberry glasses, every people turn into a strawberry people. After that, she lives happily in town pretending everything is normal.

Character Design

Tina and I worked separately in design part. I did all characters and Tina did scene design. For the character, we agree on the color scheme and the quirkiness of the illustration. After that, I started sketching and drawing characters in adobe illustrator.

Animated in Adobe After Effect

In the animating part, we created a master composition in Adobe After Effect which contains all the scene and decided specific timing for each scene. After that, we animated separate scene and combined them after finished every scenes.

The technique that I've learnt while making this animation is masking and wave effect in After Effect. I used masking in the third scene when the girl was wearing the glasses and every people turn in to strawberry. In this scene, I created four layers. the lowest layer is the dark background for strawberry people. On top of the dark background is a strawberry people layer , then the bright background layer and normal people layer orderly. The people layer is a child of the bright background layer, so I do masking effect only on the bright background layer.

For the wave effect, I apply it with the hair and the dress of the main character. It works really well in order to created the movement when the girl walking.


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