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Assignment 3 : AR experiment

This is the first time I trying to play with AR. I found it was not complicated because most of the time I follow the tutorials provided in class.

First, I selected the character and animation from I picked this peasant girl and standing ovation animation to celebrated the final week of ITP fall semester. I decided to use metro card as a target image for my AR.

In order to testing the AR camera in the computer, I made one plan cube to test whether camera working or not. After that, I decided to use plan cube as a chair for my character. When I import the character into a sketch I play with the skin of the character a little. When I download character from Mixamo website, they provide different skin that I can play with. I chose rainbow skin to make my character more interesting.

Things I've learn

- The process of making the AR is not as complicated as I use to feel. I want to know more about other aspects of unity software such as animation part and 3D modeling.

- Even though I feel like AR is not my interest right now, I still want to learn more about it and explore the potentialities of this tool.


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