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Digital Footprint & Statistical Prosthesis

Updated: May 5, 2021

These past two weeks, I've been exploring my google search data in order to see where did my mind wandering on the internet. I can only get search data from 2019 to 2021 which is the time where I'm at ITP.

I decided to put some interface to analyze my data. On the website, there will be 3 pages. The first page will show the words I've searched for more than 100 times. The second page is for the words I've searched more than 50 times. and the last page is the words I've search for less than 50 times.

On the first page which is the group of words I searched the most, the words are mostly related to the subject I've learned at that time or the skills I want to have. Not so surprised that there are the words "how" and "to" included in this group.

On the second page, even though there are a lot of words related to learning and gaining skills, the words that related to relaxation coming up which is the name of the anime I watched in the past. What is surprising to me is the order of it. The first-word, "นารูโตะ" (naruto), is the name of the anime I've watched but it's not my favorite. On the other hand, my favorite manga, One Piece, is coming in the 14th with 61 times search.

Also, there is a word "ภาษาอังกฤษ" which means "English". I used it a lot when I want to translate some Thai phrases into English. (Not surprising at all)

Finally, on the last page, there is a group of words I searched for less than 50 times. Mostly, they are random words. The most interesting part for me is the words that I searched only once. I think this group of words is somehow reflected my subconscious and the way my brain thinks. Some of them are miss-typing words when I forgot to switch the language on the keyboard which shown that my typing is so automatic that I don't even have to look at it. There are some words that I don't even know what they mean. Some are the words that I might randomly search it because the question is just popping up in my head. (I don't know why)

After visiting all these sections, it feels like I was just observing my brain during these past two years at ITP to see what is my interest consciously and subconsciously.

Link to website:

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