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FAB 2 : making multiples

Updated: Nov 5, 2019


I got the idea from paper folding sculpture and I decided to recreated it with wood to make it more durable. It can use in various purposes such as pencil holder, plant holder ,etc.


- 1/8'' × 4'' × 24'' Bass Wood >>> Blick Art Materials


Band Saw | Another saw in the shop ( I'll figuring out the name later) | Clams | Sander | Sand Paper | Super Glue



In this project, I started with prototype instead of sketching in order to measure the exact angle and size of the wood I have to cut. I use cardboard from the left over shelf to do a prototype. After doing a prototype, I decided to increase the hight of the pencil holder


I calculated the wood cutting method in the sketch in order to decided how to physically measuring the wood in the shop.

Setting up Band saw

I used bandsaw to cut the base of the sculptures. The reason I decided to use this machine is I have to cut a long wood and I don't want to lose a lot of wood with the thick saw blade. The dimension of the sculpture's base is 2''x2''. I decided to set up the saw to cut 2'' woods . I also cut a lot of extra pieces in case something went wrong.

Setting up Another Saw

I used another saw to cut the triangle parts of the sculptures because I can easily adjust the angle of the saw. I measured the right width of the wood that I want to cut. I clam another wood and use it as a stopper. In order to make 5 pencil holders , I have to cut 40 triangles. First, I cut the quads from the whole piece of wood. After that, I cut two triangles out of each quad.

Setting up Sander

I used sanding machine to create the angle of the triangle. I had to adjust the angle of the machine two times. First time, I adjusted the angle to 20 degrees to sand two sides of the triangle. Secondly, I adjusted the angle to 45 degrees to sand the bottom part of the triangle and also the all edges of the base part. I decided to handed-sand all of the components again in order to make it more polish.


I use super glue to connect every components together. Each pencil holder consist of 8 triangles and one base.

The important thing I've learned from assemble these things

  1. I have to measure the connected angle more properly. In this case, the connecting part is not perfectly fit together.

  2. I should extend the base part a little. In this case, the triangle is not perfectly fit on top of the base because of the thickness of the wood.

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