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FAB 3 : Laser Cut


I was Inspired by the water drop kinetic sculpture that has been showed in class. In the mean time, it's almost my friend children birthday. I decided to make this sculpture as a present for their family. The shape of the sculpture was inspired from the names of the children. The older girl's name means 'water' and the boy's name means 'mountain'. When this sculpture stay still , it look like a mountain. But when it is moved, its movement feel like a wave.


- 1/16'' 12x12 inch Acrylic Sheet : Clear >>> Canal Plastic

- 1/8'' 12x12 inch Acrylic Sheet : Clear >>> Canal Plastic

- 1/4'' 12x12 inch Acrylic Sheet : Clear >>> Canal Plastic

- 1/4'' 12x12 inch Acrylic Sheet : White translucent >>> Canal Plastic

- 1/4'' Acrylic tube : Blue translucent >>> Canal Plastic

- Dichroic film >>> Canal Plastic


Laser Cutter | Band Saw | Sander | Acrylic Glue



I spend a couple of day to figure out the mechanism behind the movement of the sculpture. After I figure out the movement, I decide the dimension of the sculpture. The dimension of the sculpture is 20x13x13 cm.


Before I started cutting the real materials, I used cardboard to prototype the box and the mechanism. It really helpful to prototype. I found some pieces did not fit perfectly as I thought and I can edit it in the file. During cutting the prototype, unfortunately, I burn some cardboard because of the wrong setting. When it was burn, I pull the cover of the machine to stop the laser. I remove the material from the machine immediately and put out the fire. It was a very frigthen moment for me!

Creating Illustrator Files

After prototyping , I edit all the files in Abode illustrator and arrange all the component on the printing sheet. Now, the files is ready to print. I divided the components by the thickness of the materials.


Before start cutting, I put dichroic films on some acrylic sheets. I apply soap water on the acrylic. This technic help me to stick a sticker easily and more polish. After that, I started cutting all components. During the cutting, I also peel the paper from the previous cut pieces to save the time.

I also use bandsaw to cut the acrylic tube for the shaft of the sculpture.


After getting all the components, I use acrylic glue to assemble every components together because the component was not perfectly fit as I imagine. I use a prototype box as a holder for the mountain components. It was really useful.

After combine every components together, I found that the mechanism is not working perfectly. The mountain part was very unsteady because the flat surface of the mountain piece is not fit with the wheel. Also, the cover sheet of the box is not fit with the mountain pieces.

To fix the problem, I decided to change three things. First, I remake the cover part. This time, I shrink the rectangle hold on the cover to make it fit with the thickness of the mountain part. Second, I created a round pieces and attach them with the mountain parts. These pieces will steady the mountain parts on top of the wheels. Final things I've changes is the thickness of the wheels. I double size them in order to make the smoother turn.

Finally Finish !

It's not as smooth as I thought because of the weight. However, this piece is totally satisfied me.

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