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FAB5 : 2 materials : wood x resin


Nowadays , A lot of people demonstrate how to casting resin with distinct materials on the internet. It was inspired me to created this DIY project. I decided to make a earrings for myself.


- Walnut Hollow Birch Rounds >>> Blick Arts Materials

- Epoxy Resin >>> Blick Arts Materials

- DIY Earring Set >>>Michaels


Wood box mold | Band Saw | Hand sander | Drill Press | Drill | Plier



For this project, the look of each earring is depend on the wood I've got. I did rough sketch for the shape of the earrings. I decided all of my earrings are going to contain the rough edge of the wood.

Combine two materials

First, I cut the woods into pieces with band saw because I want more edge of the wood for my earrings. After preparing the woods, I mix the resin with the hardener (1:1), Place the wood in the mold ,and pour mixed resin in the mold. When I pour the resin in the mold , there are a lot of bubbles on the surface. I use the hot blower to blow the resin to remove the bubbles. It works really well ! After finished, I let resin dry and harden for 24 hours.

Remove the mold

After the resin set in the next day, it's time to remove the resin from the mold. I cut the edge of mold and sand the back of the mold l it thin enough to peel the mold out. The result is quite satisfy, although the edge that I cut is turned cloudy.


I decided to use hand sander to sand both side of the resin because the resin was too thick for the earring pieces. At first , It's turn out so rough and I keep sanding it until it smooth. I have to sacrifice the clearness of the resin to get the thinner piece.


I use drill press to cut the circle shapes. During the cutting, resin turn warm and flexible. According to this situation, I can not cut the ring shape that I want. For the rectangular shape, I use band saw to gentle cut it.


After cutting every pieces, I got 11 pairs of earrings. I sand the edge of every tiny piece by hand to polish it. I use tiny drill bit to drill a hole in every pieces. After that, I put earring thread in the hole and stick it with glue and hang other part from the earring kit with the thread.

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