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FAB6 : motors

Updated: Sep 8, 2020


I decided to combine this assignment with my physical computing final project. The brief concept of my project is the mirror that reactive with people voice. This mirror contains 57 motors to spin the mirrors when the sound sensor was triggers them.


- Plywood >> Bruno's hardware

- 1/16'' Acrylic Mirrors >>> Canal plastic

- 1/8'' Clear Acrylic >>> Canal plastic

- Cosmetic container >>> Amazon

- Beads >>> Amazon

- Nut & Screw >>> Home Depot

- Bracket >>> Bruno's hardware


Scroll saw | Band Saw | sander | Drill Press | Drill | Plier | Screw driver | Laser Cutter



I started the project by sketch the appearance of the piece on the paper as usually. Before start making the piece, I created a very detail sketch in the adobe illustrator in order to precisely measure the piece.


I started prototyping the layout of the motors with foam board first. It works really well. For the motor mount , I used the laser cutter to cut the motor mount from the illustrator file that Ben provided in class. I adjusted the top part of the motor mount instead of using the one in the file because I can not find the stand off that fit perfectly with the motor.

Mounting motor

- Mounting motors with sculpture

For the production of 60 motor mounts , I used the laser cutter to cut all the pieces. It took me 2 hours for cutting all the parts and 1 whole day to assemble every parts together. I used 6-32 x 1'' machine screws and nuts to assemble them together.

In order to attach the motors with the wood base, I drill a tons of holes and screw the motor mounts with the base.

- Mounting mirror with motor.

The motors in my project are going to spin the mirrors on top of them. I decided to use cosmetic container as a based of each mirror. In the container, I put some beads and nuts inside in order to created a sound. Underneath the container , I attached the wheel to hold the container with the motors. Now,I can take of this part easily and the mirrors are steady when it spins.

For attaching the mirror with the container, I drill a tiny hole in the cap of the container as a mask , so the mirror is going to be the center of the container. I used acrylic glue to attach them with the container's cap.

Preparing Materials

Structure : Circle piece

To cut the precise circle, I used foam board to created my own compasses. I used scroll saw to cut the circle shape and used sander to sand the edge of it. After that, I used illustrator file that I created before to measure the positions of the motors and drill holes for the motors. In the back part, I used the base of the motor mount to measure where I have to drill holes for machine screws. After drill a tons of holes, I painted both of the sides in black.

Structure : Base

For the base of the structure, I chose 1'' thick wood as a material because the top part is heavy and I need a strong base to hold it. I decided to attach the poles and the base with brackets. When I screw it with the base , It was super strong.


After finished preparing all the materials, I attached all the motors with the base first and then put the top parts on top of it. Unfortunately , the holes that I drilled on the top part are not fit for all the motors. I decided to used drill press to drill bigger holes and it perfectly fit. In order to attach top part and bottom part together, I cut a small pieces of wood and glue one side with the top part and screw in for the bottom part. So, It still removable. After finished assembling the circle piece, I attached the circle piece with the base using huge screws and nuts. After that, I started wiring all the motors together. I divided the set of the motor with color of the wires. I used velcro to attach the arduino and breadboards with the structure.

Finished !!!

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