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Final Project : in progress

Updated: May 10, 2020


For the final project, I was inspired by the quarantine situation right now that we have to stay in our place and keep social distancing. Some of the international students like me have to stay is not be able to go back home. This homesick feeling leads me to think about bringing some part aspect of my home to New York in realtime. Thailand is one of the countries where we have equal daytime and nighttime. So I decided to bring the sunlight from Thailand to my room in New York City.

check out the final product here !

Also when the light changing through time, it should create a different pattern during the day. The pattern will represent the shadow that created by the sun throughout the day


- Olafur Eliasson, "The authority of art (day)", 2014.

- Graphic pattern by Daren Thomas Magee

Experiment this week

Shadow Pattern

I got the Neopixel strips last week. My plan is to use Neopixel as a light source and turn on each pixel according to time. Before start making the fixture, I decided to test the effect of the light.

I found that the Neopixel creating dim multiple shadows which might not suit for my project.

I tried to put the strip in the acrylic cylinder from my last project. It created some interesting pattern but it diffuses too much light.

I was trying to use the 12V LED bulb that I borrow from Tom. It provided a good amount of brightness but still creating multiple shadows. Also trying to use paper to diffuse the light.

But before I start testing with my MR16 and other bulbs, my 12v adapter was short and stopped working. Now I think I might need to find a way to make it work with the first plan.


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