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HW 2 interactive machine observation

Fresh Bowl Vending Machine

Fresh Bowl vending machine is a kiosk selling a healthy fresh meal for rush-hour commuters. This machine located at Fulton Street station which is a huge transit station for 6 subway lines.

There are two main function of this machine. The first function is selling a meal. People can easily use the touch screen to select the menu and pay with credit card. People can simply follow instruction on the screen and also on the machine itself. For the first time user, they also provide QR code to scan for discount.

The second function is containers returning function. Every containers used by this brand are made by reusable glass. There is small barcode attach with every containers. When users finish their meal, they can return container by scanning the barcode, put container in a storage and get 2$ credit for next purchase.

There are some interesting feedback that the machine give after finishing any steps. The one that I enjoyed is when user finished purchasing, the machine’s basket will automatically scrolling down to perfectly catches the meal that falling from the storage and send it to pick up box next to a card reader.

From the observation, this machine is understandable and easy to use. The whole process take only a few minutes to get the meal and return container which suit for rush-hour travellers to get a fresh meal with them. In my opinion , people feel comfortable to use this machine because of the clear instruction sign on this machine. The most difficult part could be menu selection because all of them look delicious !


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