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Image Target

This week, originally, I was trying to explore the way to interestingly use the image target. The original idea I'm trying to follow How to build an AR Coloring App Using Unity and Vuforia tutorial.

Unfortunately, I was struggling to turn my 3D model into a 2D texture for coloring. I'm unsure which software should I use for it. After many days figuring out, I decided to bring my project back to very basic trying to make image target working. Unfortunately, I can't run it with Unity2019 using the AR foundation. So, I went back to the Vuforia route with Unity 2018 following Gab's tutorial from my animation class last year.

The result went pretty well. The image target that I've picked is the Thai modern democracy plaque which is related to the protest that going on right now. When the image target is detected, the 3D plaque appears with the figure that I've made for my Art toy design project representing the Thai protesters.


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