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Since I was young, I always had a passion for Japanese animation & manga. One of the stories that inspired me and had a significant influence on my life is the story of a pirates' adventure called"One Piece". For me, One piece is not just a comic for children, but it reflects political aspects and social issues in our real world. My favorite character is the main character named "Luffy". He is the captain of the Straw Hat pirate group. During his adventure, seeking for One piece, the great treasure of the world, Luffy and his friends always fight against the villain and corrupted system in every island they anchored.

Meanwhile, in Thailand, a small country in South East Asia, There are people who fight against injustice and disparity for their future. The young generation is risking their lives to protest demanding to reform the corrupted government and challenge the monarchy of Thailand. As a Thai citizen, it is crucial for me to be a part of this movement even I'm not there. It is important to speak up and demanding a better society. Like a Straw Hat pirate, the youth of Thailand and this movement are the hope for a better future.

In this project, I want to combine both sides of my passion together by incorporate mt design into One Piece characters. The characters will raise their three-finger salute as a symbol of this powerful movement and hope for the Thai people.

Monkey D. Luffy

He is the captain of the Straw Hat pirates crew. During his journey seeking of One Piece, he fought with the many villains who corrupted and oppressed the citizens of the island he passed. He is the symbol of the citizen who will fight against injustice.


Sanji is a chef of the Straw Hat Pirate crew. He was a prince who was terrorized and torture by his own father and siblings for being kind and empathize. He decided to escape from the monarchy since he was young and try to follow his dream.

Nicole Robin

Nicole Robin is an archaeologist who searching for the real history of the void century. Her family and villagers were accused of researching the truth and destroyed by the world government.


The world novel who is a descendent of the twelve kings who established the world government and govern one piece's world.


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