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Re-Exposing ROY

Before this class, I was a person who really hated talking to myself. If I had to do some personality tests with others, most of the time, the result became a fraud. I don't know it was just me being shy or it's my insecurity that someone might know my inner thoughts. I never cared to learn about who I really am because I think I already know myself very well without thinking about it. I decided to take this class to challenge myself to face my inner-self and truly learn about who I really am.

After taking the class, I found that it was interesting to notice some part of me that I never noticed before. Having a chance to look back into how I was hackable the whole life with advertising or state propaganda made me think that everything is not real. I started to question my feelings if it's real or it's an illusion. And then started to question who I really am. After spending a lot of weeks thinking about it, I found that there is no right answer about who I really am and it doesn't matter if it's real or unreal. Actually, It doesn't even matter to find the answer. I think the matter thing is to concern that we are hackable and there is some part of us controlling our thoughts and aware of it.

As far as I'm now concerned that my subconscious is tremendously controlling me and someone is trying to hack me all the time especially the government. I would live this life slower than before and spend some more time noticing what is really going on in my subconscious.

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