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Recreating : John Whitney

Artist of the week is John Whitney, a filmmaker, animator, and considered one of the fathers of computer animation. The topic that I learn this week is using trigonometry like sine and cosine to create graphics and animation.

Matrix III (1972) by John Whitney

Original Recreating

To recreate this part of the animation, first, I calculated the position of each corner by using sine for y positions and cosine for x positions and adjust the size of each triangle by extending the radius. After that, I use sine and cosine of time to create the movement. It's not that perfect but I'm happy that I learn something from it. The most obvious mistake that I made is I swap the color of the triangles.


Catalog (1961) by John Whitney.

Original Recreating

Another piece I recreated is part of the Catalog film, I placed each character in a circle using sine and cosine to determine the position and shrank it by reducing the radius. One detail that I can't achieve is to have multiple colors in one circle.


Experiment with Sin(time)

I also tried to do one experiment from Zach's sine example. In this piece, I manipulated the movement of the circle by mouse position and adding some tail for each circle using alpha. It's quite interesting to see the movement changing while moving the mouse each space in this square has its own pattern according to position and time.

Try moving the mouse across the sketch!

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