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Recreating : Vera Molnár

The first artist I tried to recreate their work is Vera Molnár, a french artist who is a pioneer of computer art. Most of her works have some aspect of a disorder in order by using randomness, noise and grid.

Rectangles rouges superposés (1990 -2003) by Vera Molnár.

Original Recreated

To recreate this piece, I generated a grid of rectangles and move the position of it by using noise function in P5js. I also extended the height of each rectangle to create a slight overlap effect.

Try moving the mouse across the sketch!

Interruptions (2013) by Vera Molnár.



For this piece, I generated multiple short lines in the grid and connected it together in order to make each long line. After that, I randomly rotated 22% of short lines. In the sketch, I merged two Molnár's pieces together by mapping the value of mouseY with stroke weight. I also add some fun to the piece by slightly increasing the rotation of small lines every frame. Therefore, sometimes the interruption of the line is broken.

Try moving the mouse across the sketch!

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