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Red Moon : Menstral clock


Inspired by Jay Griffin's book, A Sideway's Look at the time. She the idea of women ane living in the moon time. After reading, I immediately related to myself. The moon influence how the tide move in the real world. Menstrual is also a tide moving in my body and this thing has a hung influence on every woman's daily life. However, this topic is kept hiding, in my country, it will be shameful to talk about the period and your cycle in public. My clock is doing the opposite.

Red Moon is the clock that visualizes the day when My period starts and ends. I also creating a web interface to control and logging in the period.

Timelapse demonstration

Coding Part


Web Interface.


- Format the time

- Subtracting or adding the date

- Time from now

- Get the first day of the Month.

Fabrication Part

Inspiration for a sphere from art piece called Egyptology by Angela Palmer

My Process


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