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sketch 1 : time vs color

Aristotle said, " Time is a measure of change". On the other hand, we, humans, also observe change to indicate the time. Like, when we see the vanilla sky, we know that the day is going to end soon or seeing the leaves fall is a sign of winter.

Personally, I'm not good at math, almost hate numbers. From the user perspective, I always deny buying an analog clock, since I have to spend 10-20 seconds to figure out the time.

What if we can use some visual aspect or some change to measure the time instead of numbers ? Such as the color of the sky, light pattern or music. We might be familiar with numbers as a time indicator because we are use to it. What if we can observe something else and tell the time.

Playing with color

In the first sketch, there are three circles rotating according to the hours, minutes, and seconds respectively. The color of each circle was also mapped with each time unit in the HSL color system. The color of the overlapped space in the middle of the sketch will change slightly every second.

The inspiration of the piece came from the art piece created by Felipe Pantone

In the second sketch, I used colors in a different approach. This time I used the time to literally mix the color. In the sketch, I assigned each unit of time to manipulate each color in the RGB systems respectively from hours, minutes, and seconds to red, green, and blue.

I believe that if we observe this color pattern long enough, we'll be able to tell the time immediately by just seeing it.

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