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FAB 1 : Portable Moon

Updated: Nov 2, 2019


According to the tool that we've learned this week, the drill, I really want to use it as a main equipment to created the flashlight. When thinking about illuminated stuff with a lot of holes , the moon is coming to shine in my mild.


- Scrap of Plywood from another project >>> Bruno's Home Center

- 1/16'' × 1'' × 36'' Balsa Wood >>> Blick Art Materials

- Coin battery holder >>> Tinkersphere

- Wire & LED bulb & Rocker switch >>> ITP


Drill Press | Hand Drill | Laser Cutter | Sand Paper | Cutter | Super Glue | Hot Glue



I sketch the finish look of the portable moon and the circuit. I can separate the working process into 3 parts which is circuit, surface and the edge.


I connect all electronic materials in order and solder it together.

Here is a circuit testing video.

Wood cutting

I decided to use laser cutter to cut the circle surface of the moon. The top part is 10 cm and the bottom part is slightly smaller (9.98 cm) . So the top part can cover the bottom part.


In order to avoid burning effect of the laser cutter at the edge of the wood, I decided to sand it out with sand paper. The work would look more polish.

Making holes

I chose three different size drill bit to work with. I started making a hole with hand drill first. It takes me a while to successfully making a single polish hole. I decided to switch to the drill press and forgot to put the sacrificial board underneath with the first hole, so I broke the wood when drilling the hole.

Making the edge of the moon

I made a lot of groove on two pieces of balsa woods in order to make the wood foldable. Each groove has a spacing between 1/16 inch. After that I glued the grooved woods with the surface and glue the electronic circuit inside.

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