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week 1 : Self Portrait

Picture of How cat transform to be me! | made by P5JS

When I got this assignment, the first thing I wonder is ‘how can we precisely draw with only numbers?’. As a graphic person, I familiar with Adobe illustrator program. I have noticed a cohesive spot on the program and P5js. Both Illustrator program and Javascript code have x and y number for position and number for size. I decided to prove my assumption by tracing the number in AI to P5. First, I started to draw on Adobe illustrator with several tools that can apply to P5 references. Then, I transfer the number following the instructions on reference page.

One pitfall that I’ve got is even it is the same number, it is not precise as I thought because the measurement in Illustrator is more accurate with a decimal number. Secondly, I found that s tools can some tools such as Arc can not be used in this process due to the difference measurement. Although this tracing process has some pitfalls, It’s still helpful for me to draw stuff with numbers :)

Adobe illustrator VS P5JS


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