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Week 2 Shared Space

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

This week, our assignment is to modify Aidan's template and design an online shared space using Three.js elements.

My idea is to create a space that reflects my perception of my private and public self. Since I'm not an introverted person, it's quite challenging to start a conversation with strangers. Sometimes, physical space restriction will help me start conversations with people. So, I decided to generate the maze which contains multiple layers. The wall of the maze is gradually higher in the inner layer. The inner layers are reflected in the more private space or the closer relationship I had with people.

I also tried to play with the avatars of the player as well. Instead of having the box, I decided to build a tiny human instead. The color of the user's avatar and the others is also different.

I also tried to understand how the directional light works in Three.js. I think I almost understand it but not really sure how to rotate the light😅.

Next Step

- I want participants to hear only people in the same level

- Limited number of people in each layer

- Change the entrance to the outer levels.

- Make the wall solid.

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