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week 3 : Collective Heart (body version)

This week, Fernando and I continued working together in a Collective Heart Project inspired by Luv 'til hursts. In this sketch, instead of using a mouse position to control their heart, we use the position of players' bodies. When the player's body touched each other, the color of the body will be mixed and filled and if the heart is also touching the heart is started to beat.

Coding Part

We modified the code from Lisa's example from class. One part that I proudly figure out is sending multiple data using webRTCpeerclient. In our sketch, we need to send the pose and selected colors of each user to others. The way I found is to pack data in a JSON format and send it to the which is very efficient because we have to send and get data only once in the sketch.

Room for improvement

- Unclear beating function >> Because the size of the heart is changing all the time, we barely see the heart beating. We might need to

- Instead of detecting the touch of the body, we can detect the position of the heart and use it as a tricker in order to fit the concept.

- It would be interesting to send the player voice to each other in order to make them communicate anonymously and see if they wanted to merge with strangers or not.


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