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week 4 : modify my model

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

After last week's prototype, I realized that the size of the figure is too big and the left-over support is a little problematic. In order to reduce the support, I decided to divide the model into pieces according to Ben's suggestion.

The First Experiment

The first experiment is cutting the model in a half. By doing a split and shirking the size, I can save more than 2 hours of printing. This time, I try to use the Lulzbot Taz 6 printer instead of the Ultimaker2+.


When I start printing, the brim was not stuck with the base (I don't know why) and It caused huge damage to the piece. I can't successfully print the arms and can't finish the hat as well. Anyway doing this print at lease told me that the size is right!

The Second Experiment

In the second experiment, I was inspired by the ship model that I'm collecting. These toys allowed the user/collector to assemble the model. In order to do that, I split every part of the model and also make some joints for each part.

The printing went very well but the assembling part didn't. I figure out that the joints and the holes I've made were too small. The printer is not as accurate as of the CAD file because there is some extra edge when we do 3d printing. However, some part, such as leg and feet or hat and head, is almost fit together.

I decided to sand and remove the joints at the end. For the round part, I wrapped the sandpaper with a rounded marker. It was pretty helpful with the small curve.

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