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week 4 wiping balls with Kinect

This week, I was trying to work with Kinect azure and Kinectron library. My goal was to understand the data from Kinect and think about how to manipulate the data. The data are available in both pixels( depth & color) and skeleton mode.

In the sketch, I decided to play with a depth camera. I was inspired by Text Rain, an interactive installation by Camille Utterback.

The interaction in the piece is when the balls are dropping on the screen, like a raindrop, users can use their hands or body to wipe the balls away or sit still and wait for the ball to drop on their head.

In the sketch, after getting Kinect's depth data from the Kinectron server, I used image.get pixel to get the color of pixels of each ball. If the ball is touching almost white (>=250) pixels, the ball will disappear.

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