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week 5 : Polishing & More modeling

This week I started polishing the model and do some color testing.

Before put on some paint, I have to sand the model and spray the primer on the model first in order to create a smoother surface.

I picked 4 colors to test which are gold, white, black, and silver. After testing I decided to go with 3 colors in each model.

Making 3 more

I decided to do totally distinct model. I have to redo the first step again to make 3 more of them. All three characters are also from One Piece. In the beginning, I sketched all of the characters and chose 3 out of them.

The first one is a chef in the Straw hat crew. He disguised himself at the beginning and the story revealed that he is a prince who wants to escape from his monarchy.

The second character is an archaeologist in the Straw hat crew who is trying to find the lost history of the world. She is the only survivor from her village which was destroyed by the world government because they researched the lost history.

The third character is the World Noble who is the descendants of the group of kings who established the World Government. In the story, this character abused their power, looked down, and tortured people below them. This character represents the disparity in the world. I decided to pick this character to represent my hope of equality in society if the leader stands beside their people. (I already printed the model but don't have enough time to sand and assemble it together.)

Plaque Stand

For the stand of the model, I decided to make a golden plaque for them. In the middle of it, I made a hole to insert a magnet to stick the model with the plaque.

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