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week 6 : Finishes + Packaging

Trial Assembling

This week I'm going through the same process after finished printing the other three models. The new model is much more complicated than the first model I've made. I have to split some parts such as hair into 2-3 pieces and some edge appears when I attached the piece together.

I found this tutorial about perfectly polish the 3d printing. Further than sanding and priming before applying the paint, they suggested using a bonder to fill out the crack. I used JB welder to experiment with this technique. It went very well. The instruction is very straightforward. After applying the welder and leaving it to set, I have to sand it until I got a smooth surface.


Before priming, I sand the model piece by piece with 4 distinct grid sandpapers which are 150, 320,600,800 respectively. The result was very impressive. And this time, after watching the tutorial, I'm more confident and calm to apply the paint on to the model. I used the sandable primer to prim the pieces. I have to apply the primer and sand it back and forth a few round and apply the paint after that

Flocking Attempt

I also tried to do the flocking technique with some extra piece but the result was so messy, I decided to give up and finished the job with spray paint instead.

Real Assembling

Finally, I have a chance to assemble every piece together. The first one I touch, I was too rush so I left some flaws on the white part of the model. After that, I decided to leave the paint to set for one day and then assemble it with super glue.

On the base of the model, I added a magnet so it will snap and stick with the plaque I've made before. In order to attach the magnet, I have to trim some parts of the model and expand the hole on the model's feet because the 3D printing technique leaves some extra materials.

On the back of the plaque, I also apply the vinyl and some sign to hide the grey side of the acrylic mirror


For the packaging, I decided to make a paper box for the models. I found this bottle box pattern on Etsy and started working from this pattern. I decided to cut some graphics on the side and also have some gold labels painted on to the box.

I made some adjustments to fit the box with my model and add my design to the box. After creating an illustration file, I used the vinyl cutter to cut it.

On the first attempt, the box was too big. After adjusting the size, the box was perfectly fit with the model. However, after 2 boxes were cut, the vinyl cutter went wrong. and cut the other two boxes slightly off. So only two boxes made it to the final!

To make the labels, my original plan was doing the gold foil technique following this tutorial. In the tutorials, they suggested me to cut Sticky it adhesive sheet with a vinyl cutter and apply the gold foil onto it. But it was not as easy as I imagine. The sheet was too thin, so I was unable to cut the labels on to it.

My second plan was using the gold vinyl I found at ITP. It also doesn't work because the labels were too small to cut.

So I end up using the transparent printable sticker.


I also print a sticker of the models. just for fun 😅


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