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Assignment 1 : Stop Motion

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

Who messed it up !!


This week , I collaborated with Rebecca Zhou. It was a fantastic experience working in this team. Our original idea is initiating story from the ITP red bin. In the real world, this bin is always messy. In our second discussion, Rebecca come up with the idea of double personality character which is really interested both of us. In conclusion, our story line is about one double personality character from the component in the red bin who not only messed up the bin and also tidy it up.


Character Design & Story Board

After we agree on the story line, we start drawing rough character design and storyboard.

Preparing Stuff

We made our bin man from the scrap in my bin. His body is made with Christmas ball from my another project. His arms are made with wires and beads in order to make it adjustable. Rebecca prepared a tons of eyes in order to created emotions of our character.


At first we decided to use trial version of Dragonframe in my laptop to shoot the whole story. Unfortunately, after shooting almost half of our story, we detect the trial version water mask in all footages. We instantly change the computer and continue shooting.


Rebecca decided dedicated her time to removed the water mask from the footage in Adobe Photoshop. The result is very satisfied. I've done the editing part in Adobe Premier Pro. After finished editing, Rebecca do all the color calibration for the whole film.

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