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week6 : Japan VS Hagibis

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

Inspired by Typhoon Hagibis attacking Japan recently. Personally , I appreciated Japanese culture and people so much. Event with the horrific disaster coming ,with their orderliness and well-prepared system, they can get through all catastrophes. I always feel like no one can destroy Japan, event natural force.

In This sketch I try to created a piece that represent this situation. There are 12,686 dots in this piece. Each dot represented 10,000 Japanese people (data from Japanese population in 2019). When all dots unite, it turn to be one red sun represent Japanese national flag.

The interaction of this sketch is every time the mouse was dragged, represent the disaster that attacking Japan, each dot is moving and disappear. However, when user released the mouse, the dots is going to unite again.

Failure this week

This sketch is quite far from what I intended to do in the first place.

  1. I want to control the dot by the position of the mouse. For example, when the mouse rollover any dot , the rolled over dot is going to move.

  2. I want the movement to be rotation instead of moving from place to place. To make it more related with the typhoon

  3. I don't want the dot to disappear and come back. Instead, I want the dot to rotate their position and come back to the first position

  4. When started the sketch, I want the dot to be arranged in grid inside circle instead of random position.

testing and failed sketch

and a lot more that I didn't save it

However, I will do it later. Hope it's getting better !

Try to destroy these people by dragging the mouse. Let's see if you can beat it or not


After presenting in the classroom, I decided to improve my sketch and make it closer to my imagination. I adjust the movement of the particles to look more similar to the typhoon. In this version, the particles will spread and rotate all over the canvas and also have some windy sound.


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