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wind guitar


For me, wind is a musician of the nature. Every time the wind blows, it always triggers the object to make some sound. Most of the time, human forgot to pay attention to this quiet sound from nature. It would be great if the nature could have a mini-concert performing live for humans.

Wind Guitar is an instrumental sculpture sonifying the wind measured from the ITP weather station. Wind Guitar is part of ITP Weather Band since 2020. 


2020     Performed at Network Music Festival 


Collaborated Performers

Atchareeya Jattuporn (Name), Yiting Liu, Chun Song, Nuntinee Tansrisakul,

Arnab Chakravarty, Jesse Simpson,  Sid Chou, Schuyler W DeVos

Creative Developer                   Yeseul Song , Tom Igoe

Music Producer                          Jesse Simpson

API Developer                            Atchareeya Jattuporn (Name), Cy Kim, Yeseul Song

wind guitar

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