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sketch 3 : drawing with time

‘Forward in time’ is the direction in which entropy increases

This week, I've been thinking about the concept of entropy and our internal time. Is it possible to tell the time without any clock? Is it possible to tell how much time has passed since I started writing without gazing at the digit number on the top right corner of the screen?

About the entropy, I tried to understand what is "Entropy". I summarized for myself that the entropy is the thing that can increase but not decrease and become disorderly in time. I really like the egg drop example that told me after the egg becomes a disorder, it won't be in the order again.

After thinking for a while, I decided to play with our internal clock and the concept of entropy. In this sketch, I used the time as a drawing tool. Time will determine the size, shape, and color of the circle we draw. The duration between the previous click and the next click will affect the size of the circle. We can be patient and wait until the circle growing into the size that we want.

Also, the longer we are in the sketch, everything in the sketch, such as the color and shape of the circle, will become more disorder. Like an Entropy, when the thing becomes disorderly, It will not reverse to be in order. In the sketch, the more you stay, the more time passes, the more disorder the drawing will be.

I already started reading the first chapter of the book. I feel like I'm more into this book than "The Order of Time". In the first chapter, Griffiths was opening my mind to the internal clock within the living organism and nature. I never thought that the time measurement we are using is too exact and the time is not working like that. After reading the first chapter, I'm more concerned about my surroundings and carefully observing the real-time that changing.

I'm interested and willing to go with these 3 chapters if it's possible.

- Wreaking good havoc - A Time of Women

- The Power and the Glory

- Life's too short

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