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week 1 : Movement Detection

This week I'm playing with movement detection. Most of the code was modified from Lisa'example. I made 2 experimental sketches.

Version 1 : Movement Detection with low opacity

In the first sketch, I'm playing with opacity. The visual was interesting when the movement is slightly fade away. In the background is the photo of the Democracy Monument in Thailand. I made this sketch to support social movement and protest against dictatorship in my country. When the user is moving, they will gradually see the monument, instead if they are still, nothing appears.

Version 2 : Movement Detection + Rutt Etra

Form the first sketch, I'm interested in the way we see ourselves in the sketch. In the second sketch, I add the Rutt Etra effect to the sketch to make the body slightly visible when it's still unlike the first one that we can clearly see our body.

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